10 • Actual projects

A quick presentation of ten of our actual projects showing the diversity of our actions.


In Aleppo, the Church of Christ
supplies medical and dental care, listening to people for psychological and spiritual need, financial and social assistance, Bible study and worship. A place of dialogue that has not ceased to function even during the climax of the war and still continues to provide support to all today.


The few Protestant communities still tolerated by the Iranian regime live in a very difficult context marked by close surveillance, a tense geopolitical climate and a serious economic crisis. Support for parish life of these communities is essential.


a protestant association, is one of Egypt’s largest NGOs in the field of development and community relations. They publish French theological literature translated into Arabic with the help of the ACO. They also organize theological seminars.


In Beirut, at the heart of the traumatizing Lebanese’ crisis, the Centre for Social Action of the Armenian Protestant Churches concentrates on listening and comprehensive social support for individuals and families in need (assistance for healthcare, food, housing, job search…), educational action for children and young people, and assistance to Syrian refugees.


The Church of the Arab Synod has set up a relief program for people affected by the conflict and the very difficult economic conditions. Financial support is given for housing, heating in winter, food and access to drinking water, and medical care. Medical aid is also being extended to Lebanon following the economic collapse of the Land of the Cedars.


Each year volunteers are sent to Cairo to a home for young girls from disadvantaged families of the Coptic Christian minority. Volunteers provide significant educational assistance to these girls who follow their education in a French-speaking school. They also help in running the home.

East of Syria

The Protestant parish of Hassaké and its school bring some hope to a very difficult environment (Kurdish administration, proximity to the Turkish army, insecurity, water and electricity shortages). The ACO is funding the renovation of the main meeting and activity hall, which accommodates over 400 people every week.


From 2016, the Arab Synod Church has set up schools for Syrian refugee children who do not get any education in camps in Lebanon. The NGO « Compassion Protestant Society » currently oversees the four schools which serve more than 400 pupils aged 6 to 12. The pupils are predominantly Muslim.


The ACO supports solidarity actions (food and medical aid) carried out by the Armenian Protestant parish of Baghdadfor children and families affected by harsh living conditions and insecurity.


Following the war in Nagorno-Karabakh (Artsakh) in 2020, the ACO supported and relayed humanitarian actions in favour of refugees led by Solidarité Protestante France-Armenie and Espoir pour l’Arménie